Saturday, July 25, 2015

THE MOODY BLUES: "This Is The Moody Blues" (1974)

I found a second-hand CD copy of this at Hi-Voltage last week, and it's been spinning in the Discman more than a few times since then. To be honest, this is the first time I'd really ever played it the whole way through. I'd had my favorites on it, but I wanted to give it a good listen, now that I had it on CD. Very cool re-examination of their works from seven albums, with vastly different mixes and cross-fades between them. I love the more well-known hits on this, but I have since added "The Actor", "New Horizons" and "Dear Diary" among my favorites.

A damn shame that it hasn't been properly remastered and re-released, but it still sounds pretty good for being a CD mastered in the late '80s. I'm still partial to the album copy, with the swirling "fireball" Threshold label to stare at while playing the albums (the way I fist heard it), though I do have what seems to be the first pressing, with the original white labels, featuring the smaller Threshold logo at the top.

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