Friday, October 7, 2016

FLEETWOOD MAC: "Seattle, 1972"

After finding and listening to a lot of Peter Green-era shows by Fleetwood Mac on YouTube, I wanted to see if there was any live stuff from the band after his departure. One that stuck out was a show from the Paramount Theater in Seattle from March of 1972, in support of the Bare Trees album.

It was taped from a broadcast of the concert, recorded by a new station called KISW-FM, which is still on the air today. Interesting to think of them doing live broadcasts of shows, but that was pretty popular back then.

A great show all the way through, everyone is in fine form. Danny Kirwan and Bob Welch were an interesting dual-guitar team, and played rather well here. Not a hint of dissention to be heard here, and nothing to suggest that Kirwan would soon be on his way out the door, due to his growing dependence on alcohol, and introverted personality. Christine McVie is also in fine form here, sticking to her songs from the past couple of albums they'd done.

In fact, most of the show consists of cuts from Kiln House (1970), Future Games (1971), and 1972's Bare Trees, though they end the show with "Black Magic Woman", and then conclude with a surprisingly heavy rendition of "Oh Well", introduced by Bob Welch as "one of the greatest boogie songs".

Quite a shame that this era of the band is (for the most part) neglected and unjustly forgotten, except by those who were there at the time. But for those of us who knew the band via Rumours and Tusk, this era comes as quite a revelation, and rather fascinating at how good they were here, even without any discernible "hit songs" to be heard here.

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