Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Pink Floyd: "Zabriskie Point: The Lost Album" (1970)

I've had the misfortune of trying to sit through this movie...twice, but ten years apart (and both times, out of curiosity), and it's terrible. I'm not going to go into what it's supposed to be about, so I'll just get to it: I only watched it to see if there was any interesting scenes with Pink Floyd's music in it. The movie opens up with "Heart Beat, Pig Meat", a sliver of "Crumbling Land" gets played, and "Come In, Number 51, Your Time Is Up" gets played to the slow-motion montage of a desert mansion exploding in super slow motion. That's the only good part in the whole movie, but that's almost two hours of watching it just to see it.

The soundtrack album was always hard to find, but their three cuts were available on a budget-priced compilation CD called Rock Goes To The Movies...good enough. I'd always wondered if they'd recorded anything else for the movie, and then a deluxe edition of the soundtrack album came out with a few unreleased things on it. I couldn't bring myself to fish out the coin to pay for just a few tracks on it, so I would see if it would turn up at the library or something. No luck there.

Years go by, and someone has uploaded an entire album's worth of material they recorded onto YouTube. Not only in great quality, but some fascinating material to behold. One of them, the oddly-named "Country Song", would have fitted nicely on Atom Heart Mother or Meddle. "Oneone" sounds like a collage from Ummagumma, and the real surprise was a blues instrumental called "Alan's Blues", which is an actual blues, with some great guitar work, and some surprising blues runs on the piano.

Until an actual and official album of this material comes out, check it out on YouTube while it's on there. You will be completely blown away.

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