Monday, July 20, 2015

E.L.P.: 3-LP

Found the 2-CD copy of this at Hi-Voltage on 6th Avenue. It's been a number of years since I've played it, although I've had the vinyl copy of this behemoth since the 4th grade. I really only played it occasionally, mostly due to disappointment with the sound/recording quality. It always sounded to me like the recording mikes were standing at the back of the hall, hollow and echoey, sometimes catching the Moog sounds flying around in Quadraphonic sound.

Speaking of which, this album was released on Quadraphonic 8-track (a three-tape set). I'll bet that sounded pretty cool on a Quad system!

It's good, but as a whole, did we really need full renditions of "Tarkus" and Karn Evil 9"? Had they put this out a year or two prior, they would have had a more interesting range of stuff, and maybe across only two albums instead of three. The sound quality was not improved, even with a remastering job on this. I think I'll reach for Pictures At An Exhibition and the live set from the Mar Y Sol Festival when I wanna crank something by these guys.

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